Bad Driving Habits that can Damage the Vehicle

While various vehicle issues are the consequence of regular wear and tear which occurs with the increasing age of the vehicle, some can be prevented by adjusting driving habits. Following are bad habits that can damage or reduce the lifespan of a vehicle:

Aggressive Driving

Hitting hard on the brakes can cause damage to it, sudden braking can also cause wear and tear to the brakes.

Driving with a Near Empty Tank

There are times when the fuel level is unnoticed, or plain laziness is at play, and we drive with a near-empty gas tank. Although there is still enough gas to allow you to run a few miles more before fuel light alerts you, this bad habit should be avoided.

When the fuel level is reaching the minimum, the fuel pump will suck in dirt and air, which can create heat and clog the pump. It can also lead to early failure of the fuel pump.

Understand that you are creating serious damage to the vehicle if you have this poor habit. The end result is paying for expensive replacement or repair.

When you see the fuel light come on next time, the best solution is to go to a gas station nearby for a refuel. However, if you fail to find any gas stations around, you may consider calling for a gas delivery service from a towing and roadside assistance company. Although you may be spending a little extra money for it, it is a cost-saving move in the long run as it can reduce the possibility of damaging the vehicle.

Slow Down On Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are made primarily to slow down the movement of traffic. It is common sense to slow down when seeing a speed bump, failing to do so will not only damage the vehicle but also result in accidents. Driving at high speed over a speed bump can damage the suspension, exhaust, and tires of the vehicle.

Break the Habit

If you have been guilty of making these common driving mistakes, even just once in your driving career, be sure not to repeat it again. Poor driving habits will not only lead to costly repairs but will also jeopardize safety.


Car problems are results of wear and tear that which occur naturally with usage and time, but certain damage can be prevented with good driving habits with the use and increasing age, some can be avoided by improving your driving habits. Learn good habits to help you travel longer with confidence and safety.