Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is a term that applies to towing. The types of vehicles include automobiles, SUVs, sports cars, small pickup trucks, and motorcycles.

Different Tow Trucks for Light Duty Towing

The equipment required for trucks performing light towing is less complex than that required for trucks performing heavy towing. Tow trucks that are light in weight are best for towing vehicles such as SUVs, automobiles, and smaller trucks. That’s what most businesses do. A large variety of lighter vehicles can also be towed with them. The tow trucks used can be wheel lift or flatbed tow trucks.

The rear or front wheels of wheel lift tow trucks typically are in contact with the road for the duration of the tow. Some tow trucks can utilize an additional dolly that can be attached to the tow truck as an extension. The tow hook lifts the wheels of a vehicle that cannot be raised by the tow hook. As a result, tires are not in contact with the ground. A vehicle that is stuck in gear, has wheels that can’t roll or has damaged wheels and axles can use this service.

By lowering the clearance of tow trucks, better agility and capabilities will be gained. Tow trucks’ maneuverability becomes more critical as parking garage ceiling clearances drop to as little as 7′ or below.

We Can Get Your Vehicle Moved to the Destination Quickly

The tow truck and power equipment for Culver City Towing are the right ones for the job. You can trust us to handle your asset as if it were our own. It is crucial to have the proper tools for the job, a truck that can accomplish the job, and a team that knows what they are doing.

Every request for assistance is different, and no two are the same. We can also move large pieces of equipment from one worksite to another, from compressors and generators to forklifts, and more, for your business.

If you are working as a salesperson who earns a living through work on the road or from personal contact with business clients, an inoperable vehicle puts a stop to your day at work. Schedules will have to be pushed back to later in the day or rescheduled for a different day. This affects your income and the hours you work. Let’s get you back on track!

Did you know that towing is different from recovery? Straps determine everything. For vehicles that are stuck in ditches, sand, mud holes, or water, the straps should be much more stretchy than regular tow straps, which are not flexible and break under the intense pressures that are generated during vehicle recovery. If you need winch-out assistance, you can also count on us!

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