Jump Start

Leaving your radio, lights on, or a bad connection will drain your battery. This is because if your car do not start, something is wrong. This type of roadside issues has happened to many of us. There is no need to worry if you have the contact number of Culver City Towing! We are able to jump start your car and help you get back onto the road. Most of the times, a jump start is all that is needed, and the alternator will recharge the car battery.

Jump Start Your Car and Get Back Onto the Road

At Culver City Towing, we know just how eager you want to return to your daily schedule. Our roadside assistance team strives for customer satisfaction; we make sure that we can offer a service that is fast and efficient for you. Being a locally based towing company, our staff know their way around the areas, this, along with an extended fleet of tow trucks, we always get fast to any location. Once on the spot our staff will proceed to perform the car battery jump start in the most efficient manner, this also means you can find your car started and ready to go in no time.

Let Our Experts Help You

If your battery is completely dead rendering a jump start service useless, simply ask about our car battery delivery service. Our highly experienced tow truck drivers and roadside assistance techs will deliver one on the spot. You can determine if your car battery still has enough life to run off a jump start by checking the warranty date on the battery. If it appears that it is expired or past the warranty date just ask for a new battery when talking to our phone operators. This will also save you more time within your day.

Beside jump start service, we also offer 24-hour towing services! Feel free to call us when you need assistance!

Jump Start

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